20 enero, 2017

Obscurities from Jamaica by CNF


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Fd dijo...

The MBV & Mudie's All Stars - Lorna's dance (cnf's edit)
Generation Gap - Journey within (cnf's edit)
Infra Red Funk - Ina Trouble times (cnf's edit)
Jennifer Lara - I am in love (cnf's edit)
Del Davis – Baby don't wake me (cnf's edit)
Owen Grey - I am satisfied
Adoms Treo - Reggae exprence (cnf's edit)
Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan - Make me feel so good (cnf's edit)
One Blood - Be thankful (cnf's edit)
Jerry Brown - Dreadlock lady (cnf's edit)
Willie Lindo - Midnight (cnf's edit)