05 diciembre, 2016

Fine time by CNF


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Fd dijo...

Ramsey 2C 3C- Nice 'n' easy
C on the funk - In the disco (cnf's edit)
Jady Kurrent Band - Standing there (cnf's edit)
Magnum Force - Girl you're too cool (cnf's edit)
Benjamin Sands - Keep on jammin (cnf's edit)
Nick Straker Band - We can still be friends 12 mix (cnf's edit)
Unseen Heroes- Use your head and (not your bed) (cnf's edit)
King Tutt - You've got me hung up (cnf's edit)
Jahari - Mystical lady
Jackie Stoudemire - Don't stop dancin' (cnf's edit)
Klaps - All the way you move
Unit Three - Let's boogie tonight
Curtis & Dondi - Magic from your love (cnf's edit)
Bernard Terry Jerrt & T. Lewis - Try my god inst (cnf's edit)
44 East Band- I like your ways
Sugahh- Can't stop this yearnin (cnf's edit)
Timeless Legend - I was born to love you (cnf's edit)
Vance And Suzzanne - I can't get along without you inst (cnf's edit)
China Burton - You don't care about your love (cnf's edit)
Renegade - A fine time (to discover)
Marie Malloy - I surrender (cnf's edit)