18 noviembre, 2016

Nobody like you by CNF


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Fd dijo...

I'm glad you like it

Fd dijo...

McIver - Trying to be true
Wynd Chymes - Baby you're the one (cnf's edit)
Jon Pierre Gee - So good to me
Transmission - Mystery lady
Freakway - Hot touch (cnf's edit)
Mojave - Out to get-cha (cnf's edit)
Homegrown Syndrome - Confrontation (cnf's edit)
1-800-Dog-Cigs - Clean Fun
Shider Family Band - Keeps You Burning (cnf's edit)
Mighty 7 - Call me
Solar Shield - Beeturia
Gianni Riso - Disco Shy
Kiki Gyan - Feelin' Alright (cnf's edit)
Buscrates - Petrus dish
E. Live - Feel you up
SaiR - Bloom
Freakway - Ain't gonna last
Le'Trell - Silva bells (cnf's edit)
Lord $wank Snoop Dogg - Ain't no fun (cnf's edit)
Jan Swift - Jordan speed
Karizma - Will you dance with me (cnf's edit)
Lord $wank - Sumchin' sumchin' (cnf's edit)