26 noviembre, 2016

Checkin' out by CNF


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Fd dijo...

Curtis Anderson - The hardest part (cnf's edit)
The S.T.U.D. Band - Success (cnf's edit)
Nobody - I saw you (cnf's edit)
Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Head games (cnf's edit)
High Powered Spirit Band - Be a winner (cnf's edit)
Teddy Mike - Obsessed with that body
Splendour - Oasis Boulevard
Zeal - Life goes on (cnf's edit)
California Executives- The same for me
Cool Runners - Checking out (cnf's edit)
Willie John - I don’t just want your body
Mick Mullane - Completely club mix (cnf's edit)
Silver Linings - So good to you