28 octubre, 2016

Hard pressed by CNF


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Anónimo dijo...

hi please please provide a track list i need to know who sings the first track

Fd dijo...

Dan Mastroianni - You & I
unk#1 (cnf's edit)
E. Live & Rojai - Hard pressed
Birdbone Utd. - Heart attack
Mini Curry - 100% (cnf's edit)
Paradise - Back together
Robbie M - It's tearin me up
Tri-Fire - Down for love
Santrax - Come and get It (cnf's edit)
Midnight Express - Turn it out
Tongue in Cheek - Throwdown (cnf's edit)
Tri-Fire - Tri-City Connection
Uku Knuut - Santa Monica Pier
Midnight Express - Fade groove
Klique - I can't get enough
I-Level - Give me (cnf's edit)
The N.M. Band - She Wants (cnf's edit)